At procorns the health and quality of our animals are of the greatest importance to us. Therefore we have some rules about the sale of our surplus snakes. Please have a read through this before you purchase snakes from us (yes, I know it's boring). The exchange of money for deposit or full payment will be deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Hatchling sales:

  • Hatchlings will only be delivered to new owners once they have had at least 3 full feeds on defrost food in a row.
  • Animals will only be available to pick up from us, shows or delivered via courier.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw any animals from sale at any time.
  • We will only sell healthy and eating hatchlings. Non feeders will not be available.
  • Where the morph is not 100% known then the snake will be sold as the lowest possible morph, you might get a bargain :)
  • All snakes will come with feeding, shedding and genetic records as far as possible.

Reserving available animals:

  • We will reserve available animals for a deposit of £20 or 20% of the animal, whichever is the largest amount.
  • We will not reserve animals without a deposit or full payment.
  • Reserved animals should be picked up as soon as possible after the deposit is paid.
  • Where animals are to be reserved for shows outside of the UK the full payment must be made with reservation.


  • In the unlikely event that there are problems with an animal then we must be notified as soon as the problem is noticed.
  • We will always try to help with any problems that arise but will confirm that the husbandry is correct before offering replacement animals.
  • The sex of an animal is checked by us a number of times prior to sale. It is advisable to check the sex once the snake has changed hands to be 100% sure.