Welcome to procorns

Why us?

  • We offer only the best quality animals that are feeding and shedding perfectly
  • We have many years combined experience of keeping and breeding reptiles
  • We can offer starter kits and all the necessary equipment to get going with your corn snake

We are UK based corn snake keepers, breeders and enthusiasts. We have our base in Bournemouth on the South Coast.

We only aim to produce high quality corns from top lines gathered from around the world. We ensure that our lines are strong and only breed with the best eaters and most healthy snakes. As hobbyists we ensure that our snakes are kept to the highest standards and are well looked after.

We produce many different morphs of corn snake from wild type through to some of the rarest, have a look at our gallery for some examples. All the pictures of snakes you see on this site will either be or have been in our possession.

All corn snake hatchlings that we produce will leave us healthy, feeding on defrost food and come with details of the parents and genetics. For more information about purchasing corns from us see the terms pages on this site.

You will see us at a number of major UK and European shows over the year to browse, purchase and collect surplus corn snakes from us.

Most of the information about our animals, breeding and all our availability is now kept on Facebook as it is easier for us to keep relevant and engaging. You can see a Facebook feed to the right or go to www.facebook.com/procorns

Adam is also the author of the corn calculator which is an online tool to help you work out the hatchlings you are likely to get from any given breeding of corn snakes. Click here to take a look.

We hope you enjoy looking around our site and learning about what we do. If you have any questions or would like any help with anything corn snake then please do get in touch.

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  • Available Animals

    We have lots of animals available for sale. See the available lists on our Facebook page.

  • 2016 Season

    The 2015 breeding season is upon us already and we have hatchlings popping up everywhere.